Did you know: 4 out of 5 Top selling Flat Tv's use SRS technology.

You know that i'm an audio freak, if you didn't, well i am.. and i couldn't help send this audio enhancer software across to you all.

I've found it to be above average for PC's with Headphones, 2, 2.1, 4.1 speaker configuration.

It is not dependent on the audio/media player or your system and will enhance all audio signals that comes out of your PC!!!

IF YOU WANT TO BUY THE SOFTWARE YOU MAY DO SO..... NO!! SRS is not paying me anything..... others follow the instruction below...

psssst.. 99% are reading this..

Download the software from the link below extract to a folder and install.

Once complete; SRS soft will load automatically. Exit it completely, from system tray (bottom left on screen) as well. Close it.

It has another folder named crack with SRSSSC.exe file in it, you need to copy this file and paste into the installed folder overwriting the default .exe

default path is:: C:\Program Files\SRS Labs\Audio Sandbox\SRSSSC.exe ( paste it here)

Once done, double click on SRSSSC.exe and test for what suits your PC the most... ENJOY!!!!

More details about the Software and technology are given below.....

SRS Audio Sandbox for the PC

SRS Audio Sandbox for the PC
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Experience music, movies and games the way the artists intended them to sound on your media player with SRS Audio Sandbox™ software plug-in. Compatible with all media players, the SRS Audio Sandbox restores audio to what it supposed to be: organic, immersive and uncompromised.


SRS Audio Sandbox is the ultimate audio enhancement software for the PC. Experience amazing sound tailored to any PC speaker configuration - headphones, stereo speakers, or surround speakers, all with the click of a button. Users simply select their audio content (e.g. music, movie, game or voice) and then choose from many presets (i.e. rock music, classical, jazz, country, etc).

For users who want even more customization, SRS Audio Sandbox lets you personalize your audio through the use of advanced controls, which provide deep, rich bass, restore the clarity to vocal and high frequency sounds, provide 3D enhancement for stereo and mono content, and more.

Best of all, SRS Audio Sandbox allows users to experience surround sound on their PC, regardless of their speaker arrangement, even over headphones. SRS technology is able to overcome the physical limitations of poorly placed or small size speakers, delivering the best entertainment experience available on a PC.

  • Realistic surround sound experience from desktop speakers, internal notebook speakers and headphones

  • Improved bass

  • Dialog clarity makes vocals easier to understand

  • Delivers a more lively and brilliant sound by highlighting the high frequency details originally presented in the audio source

  • Speaker output optimization to compensate and reposition audio placement for poorly placed speakers

WOW - HD Technology

A wider sound field, audio that sounds natural, a deeper bass sound, and clearer voices, vocals and midrange instruments. That's a lot to expect from one technology.

SRS WOW HD is not one technology—it's a suite of different audio solutions and a custom-designed mix of technologies that restores natural-sounding audio, making it closer to the way it's supposed to sound.

How can we pull out such big sound from small files like AVI, MOV, MP3, ACC and WAV files?

The engineers and audio experts at SRS understand both how sound is transmitted and how sound is perceived, and so we developed a way to restore a more natural sounding audio to your everyday audio devices. For WOW HD, we combined several advanced technologies that provide high frequency clarity, restore the width and depth of sound, pound the bass without actually having to move a ton of air and elevate the sound to the correct level.

Immersive 3D Audio. Ever heard the term 'spatial cue' used in casual conversation? We use it all the time around here, but what it means is being able to perceive or 'see' different parts of the audio in different parts of space—like hearing a car crash just left of center and ambulance sirens on the far right. SRS technology restores these spatial cues that are normally lost in playback processing, and makes your audio field remarkably wider and deeper. The processing curves are complex, and have as much to do with how people perceive sound as they do with physical playback. But the result is enthralling.

Improved Bass. We know tiny speakers cannot reproduce deep bass. It's physically impossible. But bass sounds always come with overtones, and if ears are presented with all the overtones, the brain fills in the 'missing fundamental.' SRS patented bass technology was based upon an amazing combination of psychoacoustic understanding and technical know-how, and manages to restore the sensation of deep bass. It identifies the bass notes that cannot be reproduced, and restores and boosts the overtones. It's all in your head, courtesy of some nifty audio wave processing, and the restoration really is magic.

High Frequency Clarity.Techniques used in digital compression or broadcast transmission can reduce the clarity of audio content, leaving you with a rather lackluster audio experience. SRS' premium high definition technology restores clarity by enhancing the high frequency content, bringing into focus the rain falling or wind howling in a movie scene or the cymbals and acoustic guitar strumming in your favorite song.

Elevated Sound. Audio speakers get put where it's most convenient. That convenience may be for design or manufacturing processes, and not necessarily audio fidelity. Which is why we created a technology to restore sound to its proper level, vertically. We know ears are very good at determining the direction of sound. We use that knowledge—a product of years of research—to contour the audio ever so precisely, and make the audio sound like it's coming from where it's supposed to. Not way down low or up high or off-axis, but right where it's supposed to be.

With SRS WOW HD, each technology is specifically tuned—individually and together—for every single make and model. There is no one size fits all for audio—every player of every type is tuned deliberately and precisely to give that specific device the absolute best sound possible.

Surround sound just increased in degree of coverage—from mono to 6.1 channels. SRS Circle Surround II® delivers true, high-quality surround sound from multichannel, stereo and mono content.

Adding to the experience, Circle Surround II improves the clarity of dialog and creates deep, rich bass from A/V receivers, automotive sound systems, DVD software and sound cards.

It is the natural progression of one of the most advanced decoders ever created.

The original Circle Surround® was a breakthrough surround sound processing technology that not only decoded Circle Surround encoded broadcasts and DVDs, and decoded other matrixed content such as Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS, but also created a surround sound experience with non-matrixed stereo content.

The upgraded Circle Surround II adds 6.1 channel capability in addition to advanced features that make voice and dialog more clear, and bass stronger and deeper.

Dialog Clarity. Audio creators today have more sound tools than ever to work with, and more channels to put sound in. So naturally, they create rich, dense audio for any purpose—movies, TV, music and games. Problem is, with such heavily layered audio tracks, sometimes the vocals and dialog get lost in the shuffle … or buried under sound effects. Dialog Clarity boosts the frequency range of the human voice in a way that makes the human voice rise above the audio effects, so you can hear clearly every word you're supposed to hear.

Improved Bass. We know small speakers cannot reproduce deep bass. It's physically impossible. But bass sounds are always accompanied by overtones, and if your ears are given all the overtones, your perception will fill in the 'missing fundamental.' SRS' patented bass technology is based on an amazing combination of psychoacoustic understanding and technical know-how, managing to restore the sensation of deep bass. It identifies the signals that cannot be reproduced, and restores and boosts the overtones.

Circle Surround II also processes mono signals, offering an enveloping experience without the audible artifacts that had plagued prior mono-to-multichannel technologies. The mono signal is first separated into simulated stereo channels, and only then expanded to simulate surround sound.

Circle Surround II is the most sophisticated and versatile surround sound decoder and processor available today.