Controlling Panic Attacks - 3 Simple Steps to Help You Overcome Panic Attacks

by Anne Torres

Learning to control panic attacks will help you deal with this debilitating disorder and restore some semblance to normalcy in your life. Following are 3 easy steps you can take to overcome panic attacks.

1. The most important thing in controlling panic attacks is knowing what triggers them. Some people have panic episodes after they drink coffee, while others have them after drinking alcohol or eating sweet stuff. Stressful situations are common panic attack triggers but again, these may not be the same for everyone.

Some are anxious about driving, others are afraid of heights or public speaking. You can identify your triggers by recording the times you have a panic attack and noting the events that preceded it. Once you know the triggers you can make attempts to avoid them.

2. Unfortunately, avoiding all the things that bring about panic attacks is not always possible. Sometimes things just happen in our lives and cause us stress. So when a panic attack occurs as a result, the best thing you can do is lessen the severity and duration. First remind yourself that you're not in any mortal danger. So you need to be as calm as possible. Another thing you can do to control a panic attack is to simply take your mind away from it. Taking a brief walk, practicing a relaxation technique, or listening to a soothing music are a few ways to accomplish this.

3. Having a positive outlook on life is the best way to control panic attacks. When you're more relaxed and have a good self image, you're less likely to think or worry about having a panic attack and hence, less likely to have one. So, do whatever you can to enjoy your life. Taking a peaceful morning or evening walk in the park, reading a good book or two in personal development, practicing meditation and yoga, are just a few suggestions . Controlling your panic attacks is the first step to overcome them. Though, you ultimately want to cure the disorder completely. Imagine living your life free from anxiety. You can go anywhere you want and do the things you enjoy without fear of having a panic attack. You can in reality take your life back as numerous others have reclaimed theirs.