Friday, November 18, 2011

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Ref No:AIFS/010/MY/011


We are an independent Financial Consultants known as Asia Investment and Financial Solution located in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia We deal with all kinds of financial affairs concerning unclaimed fund and assets, including stocks, bonds, dormant savings account, security deposits, inheritance and investments.We also Provides asset, property development,trade financing, business leasing, factoring and invoice finance solutions

We are appointed by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to act on your behalf regarding a notification received from a Safe Deposit Security Company which specializes in holding funds for Banks, Companies, Private and public personals, Sweepstake Companies and other Financial Institutions.

According to current records, we were informed by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank that a Safe Deposit Security Company, is currently holding, for you, funds valued at Five Million, Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($5,800,000.00) This fund was as a result of an unfinished business transaction or a sweepstake winning.

Due to International Financial Law barriers, the Safe Deposit Security Company is not authorized to deal directly with you without the help of an independent financial consultant to advise and assist you with the claim of this money. This is the main reason why we have been appointed to act on this issue and to assist you to receive your funds.We have carried out all the necessary verification and has confirmed that you the true beneficiary of this fund and are eligible to receive the fund.Hence met all the requirements.

We assure you of all the necessary assistance required to claim and receive this fund. You have 10days from the date on this mail to receive this fund. Please, contact the below mentioned immediately for more information, this is the easiest way you can respond to us –

Contact Name: Mr.Kazin Razmani
Position: International Financial Consultant
Email address:
Direct Contact Phone Number:+60163132075

He will provide you with further steps necessary once you have responded to this mail. We look forward hearing from you.Please, remember to keep this matter private and confidential to avoid breach of security and issue of double claiming.Please endeavor to provide him with the following information for crosschecking:Is very important.

Your Full Contact Name:
Full Contact Address:
Direct contact Phone/Fax Number,

Yours Sincerely

Direct Oversea Financial Affairs.