Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sun Bank Offshore, Jersey (Channel Islands).
Head Office

Compliment of the season! I am Mr. Eli V. Sheppard, the new Head of Audit/Accounting Department of Sun Bank Offshore, Jersey (Channel Islands). I was newly posted here from our Sun Bank Branch in Bahamas.

I write to inform you that I saw a draft bearing your name in one of the closed files in my office for a sum of Ј6,500,000 (Six Million Five Hundred Thousand pounds) with attached payment instruction from Bank of America N.C to be paid to you.

On further inquires, I observed that this payment was not made and the fund was transferred into our offshore transit account as unclaimed funds. I mean to say that you have funds here which have been floating in our transit account as unclaimed fund with principal sum of Ј6,500,000. This payment was made by bank draft with reference serial nr. 315548, Bank Sort code BARCGB22. Barclays Bank plc, UK.

After our bank reconciliatory statement for last year ending 2010, I also found out that your fund stumbled into an accumulated interest of Ј650,000 with a total principal value of Ј6,500,000. Your total sum in our Offshore Transit account as at 25th of January, 2011 is Ј7,150,000 (Seven Million, One Hundred and Fifty Thousand pounds) only.

Please take note of all these changes as I deemed it fit to let you know that your unclaimed fund is floating in our offshore transit account and also to give you little financial breakdown of your account statement.

Finally you cannot have access to the account since you have not officially opened an account with us as the fund is in your name but on transit.
We therefore seek for your urgent response to this notification to enable me direct you on how you will receive this unclaimed fund.

Mr. Eli V. Sheppard.
Head of Audit/Accounting Dept.
Audit/Accounting Division
Sun Bank Plaza, 2-6 Church Street,
P.O. Box 12, St. Helier, Jersey JE 4 9NE
Channel Islands.