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Nokia has poked fun at Apple, and its iPhone 4 signal issues, by issuing a guide on its official blog that shows you how to hold your Nokia phone.

Unsurprisingly, it lists a number of ways that you can hold your handset without it making the slightest bit of difference to your phone's signal.

They list a number of different holding positions including 'the cup', 'the balance' and 'the four edge grip'.

The blog states:

"The key function on any Nokia device is its ability to make phone calls. After all, that's why we know them universally as mobile phones (or smart phones, feature phones or mobile computers – though the same grip styles work for those, too). One of the main things we've found about the 1 billion plus Nokia devices that are in use today is that when making a phone call, people generally tend to hold their phone like a…. well, like a phone."

Yes it's a bit bitchy. But it's also quite funny.

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