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Susan Boyle?? who?

Susan Boyle made a promise to her mother that she would someday enter a singing contest. Her dear mother passed away and without fanfare she entered Britain's Got Talent. As she walked on stage 47 year old Susan was greeted by a surprised and skeptical audience. And then, as if the world stopped for just a moment, she captured the audience and stunned the judges as she sang, "I Dreamed a Dream." Indeed she had. Millions around the world became acquainted with her phenomenal performance which has now been seen over and over again on the internet.

You tube link to the video.


Who was she, where did she come from, and the most often heard query-where has she been?! This was not someone who sought stardom. She was not on the track most entertainers follow of endless small engagements hoping someday for a moment on the big stage. Susan is from a small village named Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland and had gained some notoriety from singing at local church and community events. Much of the last few years had been spent caring for her aged mother who passed away in 2007. Susan had not performed in public since that time until the televised contest in 2009.

However, the world is now very aware of Ms. Boyle as she now tours around the world sharing her long-hidden talent. She has been an inspiration to many—a living example of overcoming the stereotypes of age and circumstance and rise to world acclaim. Her first public song is really her story—she dreamed a dream.

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