Vitrea Estate Group is a experienced agency on dealing with real estate. The company was instituted in 1994. Having taken professionalism and client-oriented process to be the company's top superiorities, it has soon earned most eminent positions on the US market presenting new attitude and quality standards.
At the start the company was working as a commissioner of landholding companies. Shortly after that it has converted its focus to meeting the needs of its buyers instead of lobbying interests of sellers. Taking into consideration the sum of available offers variety of demands and wishes of its consumers the company began to study the real estate market attentively. It is an everlasting process but we can use its present results in our work: we managed to choose a range of countries that meet the main demand group; we investigated regions there its individualities its real estate market and understood what those regions can offer to a potential buyer.
Our company also earned popularity because of taking definitely new fields to the American market. In particular Vitrea Estate Group was one of the first companies to begin and use investments into foreign real estate as an alternative instrument to stock and financial markets. As a result the average benefit of our consumers investments is about 85 - 90% of annual interest. The second important advantage is having exclusive rights on selling interesting objects of real estate in the countries of Eastern Europe. In fact in 2010 our company has concluded several exclusive contracts on real estate in Israel, Egypt, South Africa, Croatia, Ukraine and the CIS countries.
We regularly grow and expand areas of our influence. Now we are searching for workers to take on a Regional Agent position. These workers will represent the company's interests in those regions where there are no company's affiliates yet. Most profitable workers will have a chance in the course of time to head newly opened affiliates.
  • college education
  • 21 and over
  • PC-skills: experienced PC-user
  • schedule flexibility
  • minimal 3-4 working hrs / day

  • worthy salary
  • social security packet and medical insurance
  • free training

To get more info please fill in the application form here

Vitrea Estate Group
276 LudLow Street,
New York, New York 10019,
United States


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