Though its promotional i thought it is informative... solid state drives SSD's are still far more expensive than regular hard disk drives HDD. 

Five Reasons Why Solid State Drives (SSDs) Are Right for You

It is a well known fact that solid state drives are an emerging technology that has huge market potential. But how do SSDs differ from regular hard disk drives (HDD), and why do they deserve a place in your notebook or desktop PC?

Lightning-fast data transfer
Speed matters when it comes to business and entertainment. With virtually instant access times of less than one millisecond, SSDs enable operating systems and commonly used software applications like web browsers to open faster and run more smoothly, thus creating an overall more enjoyable and lag-free computing experience. 

Lower system temperatures
Imaging working on your laptop in comfort, without the heat. In contrast to regular hard disk drives that are constantly in motion within the drive, which creates plenty of heat, SSD's cool-running stable operation equates to lower temperatures within the computer.

Longer battery run-time
Still carrying a laptop AC adapter around in case your notebook battery runs out unexpectedly? Now you don't have to. Compared to old-fashioned hard drives, SSDs consume roughly much less power when transferring data, and require less than 1W when idle. In short, an SSD will make your computer consume less power overall, which can significantly improve battery life when used in a notebook computer. 

Resistant to shock and vibration
Never underestimate the potential data corruption caused from excessive vibration, shock, or impact. Unlike regular hard drives, SSDs contain no spinning disks, spindles or any other fragile mechanical components. Therefore, there is nothing to break loose, get misaligned or become unreadable in case the drive is accidentally bumped or dropped. Your files will finally get the thorough protection they deserve.

No more annoying hard drive noise
Sometimes you just need a quiet place to concentrate on your work. At times like these, any possible tiny noise will drive you crazy. While traditional hard drives tend to make a buzzing sound because of the vibrations when the spinning disks resonate through the case of your computer, SSDs can be 100% noise free since there are no mechanical moving parts inside.

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Transcend 2.5-inch SATA MLC SSD (192GB, 128GB, 64GB, 32GB) 

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