Thursday, August 13, 2009

High Security Registration Plates (HSRP)

High Security Registration Plates (HSRP)

The new High Security Registration Plate will be a solid unit made of 1.0 mm Aluminium conforming to DIN 70469 or ISO 7591. Border edges and corners of the plates will be rounded to avoid injuries to the extent of approx. 10mm and the plates must have an embossed border. The plate will be suitable for hot stamping and will be guaranteed for imperishable nature for minimum five years. The fast coloring of legend and border is done by hot stamping.

The Registration Plates are fixed in the front and the rear. All four wheelers and three wheelers will also have a Third High Security Registration Plate in the form of a sticker fixed on the Windscreen.

The front and rear Registration Plate contains many security features to prevent counterfeiting.

  • The word " IND " in blue is buried in the foil.
  • High Security Chromium based Hologram will be buried into the plate through a special hot stamping process. The Hologram will have Ashoka Chakra Design, as specified in the Gazette notification.
  • The registration number is embossed on the Plate and is non changeable.
  • The embossed area is applied with a special High Security black foil having the words " India " inscribed on it.
  • Each registration plate will have a unique identification number, which is Laser Branded into the reflective sheet.

High Security Number Plates for Heavy Motor Vehicles

High Security Number Plates for Cars

High Security Number Plates for Two Wheelers (Front)

High Security Number Plates for Two Wheelers (Rear)

Chromium based third registration
A Chromium based third registration plate in the form of sticker is to be attached to the wind shield, wherein the number of engine and chassis are indicated along with the name of registering authority. If tampered with, it self destructs.

Note - Ministry of Road Transport & Highways will make this High Security Number Plates and Chromium based third registration plate compulsory in near future.