Britannica Discovery Library, 12 volumes

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Give the young learner in your life the wonderful gift of knowledge. The Britannica Discovery Library is a charming, lavishly illustrated, 12-volume set of "concepts and values" books specifically created for young learners ages 3 - 6. Children are introduced to various texts and genres, including rhymes, narratives, puzzles, jokes, non-fiction, and fiction, presented with simple text and bold graphics. Key vocabulary words are highlighted throughout and defined at the back of each volume. The set is ideal for pre-readers and early readers as each book contains activities to build thinking and comprehension skills and a glossary to build language skills. TheBritannica Discovery Library has been choosen as a winner of the 2007 Teacher's Choice Award. The series goes beyond the obvious to encourage true learning and integration of knowledge.


  • Specially commissioned illustrations and full-color photos give each page a visual representation of the text
  • Children will learn basic concepts and then be asked to apply them by answering the questions in each volume. Light and fun, these questions will make reading comprehension feel like a game
  • Each volume contains a glossary so kids can learn to look up new words and concepts
  • Parent Guide included

Titles include:
  • The Me Book
  • Me and You
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Sounds
  • Words
  • Numbers
  • Time
  • Animals
  • The World Around Us
  • People and Places
  • Just for Fun