Monday, August 3, 2009

6 Tips on How to Get a Job Fast...

So you are completely broke, the work has stopped but the bills haven't.

One question is on your mind; "How To Get a Job Fast".

Here's 6 tips on how to get yourself off of the couch wondering and out into the street achieving.

1. Looking for a job IS a job - Just because you are not employed doesn't mean you get to start your day at 11am. If you do, you have wasted three hours per day, times five/six days a week, and presto! You have managed to throw out 10-20 hours of peak job searching time.

2. Always be "Selling Yourself" - How many people do you talk to over the course of the day? OK, now how many of those people know you are looking for a job? If everyone who you talk to knows you need work, talk to more.

3. It's Not Called "How to Get a Career Fast" - It is called how to get a job fast, as in "Just take something". You are not too good for that job. You are unemployed and broke. Suck it up and clean some toilets if need be.

4. Get Involved in the Community - Go out and do something. Attend some free events. Go to church. Walk the dog.

5. Make Your Resume "Pop" - Don't use templates. But do go online and find out how to tailor resumes to their jobs. Look for a list of "action" words, and use industry key words.

6. Have Hope! - If you are down on your luck, it shows. People like to be surrounded with happy vibrant personalities. If you feel like crap, force a smile. "Fake it 'till You Make It" ;-)

PS- How to Get a Job Fast only works if you apply it. Print this out and post it on the door of your apartment/house. Don't forget to get up early!!