Friday, August 28, 2009

Events in pics (Sub - Continent)

A Sri Lankan wild elephant is seen tied to trees before being sent to a wildlife sanctuary, in Ralapanawa in Puttlum, about 195 kilometers (121 miles) north of Colombo, Sri Lanka Wildlife officials say Sri Lankan elephant population is under extreme threat with at least three elephants being shot dead every week by villagers desperate to protect their crops and lives.

People purchasing wheat bags from a mobile shop on government controlled rates at Sasta Ramazan Bazar, inRawalpindi.

A vendor displaying the caps to attract the customers at his roadside setup during Ramazan, in Islamabad.

A Muslim man looks at himself in a mirror at a mosque on the first day of the holy month of Ramazan in Jammu, Indian-administered Kashmir.–Reuters Photo.

Hindu priests neck deep in vats of water pray for rain in drought-hit Mumbai on 26 August.

Weed collect takes a break

A member of Kashmir's Lakes and Waterways Authority takes a break from collecting weeds lying on the surface of Dal Lake in Srinagar. Indian-administered Kashmir is stepping up efforts to save Dal Lake from pollution that threatens to turn it into a weed-clogged swamp.