Friday, July 17, 2009

Ad Wars..

First Round : Nikon v/s Lumix

Nikon- Face focus "no matter ghost face, human face, Skeleton, peeper, I can find them all."


interesting ads war          interesting ads war


Lumix- I can find the face you even cannot see it.


interesting ads war


Second Round : Coca Cola v/s Pepsi

From Pepsi

Coca Cola takes the 2nd floor of this building for their sales marketing office and puts up a boarding. A couple days later Pepsi puts up the other board just for fun.


interesting ads war


Even the snow storm can't stop people go and buy Pepsi.


interesting ads war


Woo, seem like the straw doesn't want to be put into "Coca Cola".


interesting ads war

From Coca Cola

interesting ads war

Third Round : BMW v/s Audi v/s Subaru

This one is a really classic ads war, they are really awesome.

BMW started it


interesting ads war


Audi answered.

interesting ads war

Subaru wanted to say something.

interesting ads war

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