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30 Real Feelings of Girls

30 Real Feelings of Girls

1. When a girl says she's sad, but she isn't crying, it means she's crying in her heart.

2. When she ignores you after you've done something wrong, it's best to give her some time to cool down before touching her heart with an apology.

3. A girl can't find anything to hate about the guy she loves (which is why it is so hard for her to 'get over him' after the relationship's over.)

4. If a girl loves a guy, he will always be on her mind every minute of the day, even though she flirts with other guys.

5. When the guy she likes smiles and stares deep into her eyes, she will melt.
6. A girl likes to hear compliments, but usually not sure how to react to them.

7. When a particular guy flirts with a girl very often, a girl would start thinking the guy likes her. So if you treat a girl just as a friend, go easy on the smiles and stare ok?

8. If you don't like a girl who likes you, break it to her gently.

9. If a girl starts avoiding you after you reject her, leave her alone for a while. If you still treat her as a friend, talk to her.

10. Girls enjoy talking about what they feel. Music, poetry, drawings and writing are ways of expressing themselves (which explains why most girls like writing journals).

11. Never tell a girl that she is useless in anyway.

12. Being too serious can turn a girl off.

13. When the guy she likes calls her for the first time, the girl may act uninterested during the call. But as soon as the phone is back on the hook, she will whoop with joy and immediately start telephoning her friends to spread the news.

14. A smile means a lot to a girl.

15. If you like a girl, try making friends with her first. Let her get to know you.

16. If a girl says she can't go out with you because she has to study, leave.

17. But if she still calls you or expect a call from you, stay.

18. Don't try to guess a girl's feelings. Ask her.....

19. Hearing the words "I love you" is a great reassurance to a girl that she is beautiful.

20. After a girl falls in love with a guy, she'll wonder why she never noticed him before.

21. If you need tips on how to flirt with a girl, read romance stories.

22. When class pictures come out, a girl would first check who is standing next to her crush before actually looking at herself.

23. A girl's ex-crush will always be in her memory, but the guy she loves now stays in her heart.

24. Girls love having fun!

25..... A simple 'Hi' can brighten a girl's day.

26. A girl's best friends usually know best what she is feeling and going through.

27. Girls hate it when a guy pays attention to them just to get close to their 'prettier' friend.

28. Love means devotion, caring and happiness to a girl, in that order.

29. Some girls care about looks, some care about brains, but ALL girls want a guy who will love and care for them.

30. Girls want nothing more than to feel loved....

Funny read... dont know about the authenticity of the report

From an INFOSCION to a POLITICION - Nandan's Chronicles - 2

Continuing my tryst with capturing the life and times of Nandan Nilekani in his

New avatar as a Cabinet Minister, here is what he had penned after his first day
in the Parliament. The last entry stopped when the House was just about to begin.
Let's see what happened thereafter….

The House was in pin drop silence. I was brimming with anticipation and
excitement!!!! Manmohan had informed me that my introduction was one of the
important points of the agenda. I hoped that I will be able to make my speech
properly. After so many interviews and conferences, I was nervous today!!!! After
the Speaker indicated that the proceedings of the House could begin, Manmohan
formally introduced me to the entire House. He mentioned that as the head of the
Unique Identification Authority of India, I was responsible to ensure that each
and every Indian had a digital smart card as a proof of his existence.
Manmohan spoke about why I was selected and also some references to the various
projects executed by me in Infosys were mentioned. The House listened with rapt
attention. I was asked to say a few words and I did exactly the same!!! I thanked
the Government of India for having given me this opportunity and I assured the
House that I would strive to successfully deliver this project. The Speaker then
formally inducted me into the House and before the proceedings could move any
forward, there was a small commotion on the other side of the hall.

It was Minister of Textiles(Dayanidhi Maran) who had a comment to make before the
next point on the agenda. He made a request that I should be attired in a more
austere way instead of a flashy suit. It did not go well with the image of a
minister who should live to serve the common man and should be less ostentatious
in his habits. I stood up to reply. I offered my apologies to the Honourable
Minister and assured that I shall be in a more acceptable dress next time. I felt
that he was right. We also used to have corporate dress code in Infosys. So it's
here as well!!!!

I sat down and felt somebody nudging me. I turned around and to my surprise; it
was the former Indian skipper and one of my favourite batsman Mohd. Azharuddin. I
remembered that he had recently won the elections. I smiled at him and mentioned
to him that I used to like his game very much, shaking his hand. No Rolex, I
noticed. Azhar told me that he would "fix" me an appointment with an Italian
designer who had designed his dapper Kurta suit. An Italian designer in Milan
doing Kurtas!!!!! I made a note of this and reminded myself to give this example
to Friedman for his next book," The World Markets are flattened".
Since there was no doubt about the "Fixational" capacities of Azhar, I told him
to give me the details and I would consider. The proceedings of the House went on
with numerous bills being debated and passed as I sat as a passive audience
waiting for my project's turn to come up. After the lunch break, it was the
moment for me!!!!

I was at sea. My laptop did not have any reserve power. I went to Manmohan and
apprised him of the situation. I was sweating. He calmly replied that this would
not be a cause of concern. I was flummoxed!!!! The Speaker asked me to explain to
the House on what were my plans for the Unique Identity Project. I replied that I
have a plan prepared for 30-60-90-120 days' milestones and I have presentation to
make for which I need a power socket, a projector and a screen. I had no idea
what was going to happen after this.

The next couple of minutes were a complete jolt for me. I was completely in a
tizzy. Let me just summarize what happened. A Joint Cabinet Secretary Committee
was set up to judge the feasibility of my request. The Under Secretaries for the
Ministries of Power, IT and Broadcasting will prepare a Viability Report after
scrutinizing National Security threats to my request. This was because the power
socket comes under Power, laptop comes under IT and projector comes under
Broadcasting. I have also been told to reconsider my timelines of 30-60-90 days
and start thinking in terms of years. Probably, they are right. I did not have
the foresight in this matter.

The summary of the issue is that I need to come up with a more inclusive,
democratic, comprehensive long term plan for this project to be executed over the
next five years. I have also been given a presentation slot 3 months from now (by
which the issues related to the power cord etc will also be resolved). I am
filled with mixed reactions. I was planning for a quick resolution; the
management wants a strategic solution. I come out of the House and text Murthy.

"You won't believe it but these guys work just like us. I am on a NATIONAL BENCH
for the next three months!!!!!!!!"

Pedestrian Bridge, Texas

This beautiful arched bridge in Lake Austin was a private build by Miro Rivera Architects and is used to connect the client's main house to the smaller guest house on the other side of the water. The idea was to make the bridge seem as natural as possible within its surroundings and to do this they made the decking and reed-like hand rails as imperfect as possible. The result is a bridge that looks extremely fragile but definitely worth the risk.

Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Opened in May of this year, the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge is a stunning x-shaped cable-stayed bridge that crosses thePinheiros River in Sao Paulo. It's design is unique in that the 2 curved decks of the bridge cross each other through its x-shaped supporting tower, an illuminated structure that stands 450ft tall and has attached to it 144 steel cables.

Kintaikyo, Iwakuni, Japan

The original Kintai Bridge was built in 1673 and didn't stand very long until it was damaged due to flooding. It was then rebuilt and survived for more than 200 years until a typhoon battered it to death in 1950. The bridge that stands now over the Nishiki Riveris the 3rd build and looks magnificent, it's 5 wooden arches displaying an incredible amount of detail and craftmanship. Interesting fact: no nails or bolts have been used to build the arches, only clamps and wires.

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, Brasilia, Brazil

The JK Bridge in Brasilia is a lesson in elegant bridge design. The 3 huge arches diagonally hopping over the deck of the bridge give the structure an amazing visual fluidity and make the whole 1.2km bridge look effortlessly cool. Since being built the bridge has won awards for its design but is still massively underappreciated on a wider scale.
Rolling Bridge, London, UK

Thomas heatherwick' s award-winning rolling bridge is an ingenious addition to the grand union canal system in London and is unique in its design. Unlike regular movable canal bridges, the rolling bridge curls up on itself to form an octagon by way of hydraulics. It's an amazing sight and a reminder that a fresh perspective can produce great, innovative results, even when dealing with a structure as common as a bridge.

Beipanjiang River Railroad Bridge, Guizhou, China

Beipanjiang River Railroad Bridge in Guizhou is an enormous railway bridge that was built as part of the much larger 'Guizhou-Shuibai Railway Project'. Connecting 2 mountains over a deep ravine, at its highest point the bridge's deck sits 918ft above the ground (to compare, at its highest point the Millau viaduct's deck clears the river underneath by 890ft). The bridge has succeeded in connecting 2 of the country's poorest areas.

Henderson Waves, Southern Ridges, Singapore

'Henderson Waves' is Wingapore's highest pedestrian bridge and can be found at the southern ridges, a beautiful 9km stretch of gardens and parks which has frequently drawn comparisons to New York's Central Park. The bridge itself is absolutely stunning. The deck is made from thousands of Balau wood slats, perfectly cut and arranged, and along the length of the deck a huge snaking, undulating shell cleverly forms sheltered seating areas on every upward curve.

Pont Gustave Flaubert, Rouen, France

This is the incredible, brand new vertical lift bridge in Rouen, France, a beast of a structure whose 2 bridge spans weigh 1200tons each but can be hoisted 180ft vertically by the bridge's lifting mechanism in an impressive 12 minutes. Just the angular structures at the top of each tower weigh in at 450tons each, helping to support the lifting system as cruise ships sail through.

Technically, this is a bridge: it's a structure which spans a gorge. The only difference is, the bridge can't be used by humans due to the fact that its purpose is to support 2 pipelines - 1 gas, 1 oil - across the extremely high gap in Papua New Guinea. So high in fact that if this were to be officially recognised as a bridge it would rocket to the top of the 'world's highest bridge-span' list at an impressive height of 1290ft. By comparison, the current highest bridge span belongs to the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, hanging a mere 1053ft above ground level, while Manhattan's Chrysler Building measures 1047ft.