Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Re:Very Important


I am Mr.Khasouni Mubarak working in (Industrial Engineering Accountant) and I contacted you because you have the same the last name with
my late customer who left some funds in our bank. And please include your private phone number for easier communication. Call me or send me an email for your
readiness to accept this funds.
Mr.Khasouni Mubarak

REPLY TO khasounimubarak12@hotmail.com

Confident this letter meets you in good health.
I am Patrick Reynolds; an underwriter with BSN Venture Capital Fund Management Co Malaysia; that specializes in private equity and property equity investment.
Have contacted you on the hope of presenting you as my associate to assume the new recipient of a Fixed-Income deposit valued at $40,000,000.00 .
You get 20% of the total $40,000,000.00 equity investment as your commission for acting as my TRUSTEE.
Will need your legal details; names, address and phone numbers to enable me re-profile your details on the $40million with the institution where the funds is presently domile as the new recipient.
Note that time is of the essence since the fixed-income deposit has to be cleared before the ending of this fourth quarter of the financial fiscal year 2011
I will enumerate further upon your response.
Patrick Reynolds.