�8.5 Million EUROS Deposit Top classified Secrecy transfer

We are officials of UBS bank Branch in MARBELLA - MALAGA SPAIN one of the richest city in Europe, we have UBS Bank inheritance deposit fund unclaimed. We are looking for a reliable personal or company account that can assist us to claim total of �8.5 Million EUROS.

The fund belongs to one of our female customer wife of formal president now late but well know politician.

We assisted the customer to deposit the fund. Now the customer is late without any next of kin to claim the money.

We are looking for a reliable beneficiary bank account that we can use as the business associate to claim the total money, with our instruction the money will be transfer directly into the account you will provide. If you are really interested in this deal, you will have 30% and 70% for us. Provide the below information�s.

Bank Name:

Bank Address:

Bank account No:

Beneficiary Name:




Copy of your passport identification:

If you have account within Europe/USA the deal will only take 4 days, in Asia it will take 6 days. If you are not serious with this deal, don�t reply

Please contact me by email:

If you are really serious please provide complete details to enable us proceed. This is real and we shall all be happy after the successfully remittance, the transaction security is guarantee and secured. all legal transfer documents from Federal Dept of Finance and Ministry of Justice will be obtain as backup for the transfer legally , copies will be send to you.


Philip Hermann