Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mr.Abdul Rahim Wardak Assalamu Alaikum

Mr.Abdul Rahim Wardak Assalamu Alaikum
My Dear Good Friend.
Compliment of the season, how are you and your family? Hope All is well. I am Mr.Abdul Rahim Wardak, the accountant general in the accounts unit of Islamic Development Bank Burkina (IDB-BF) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. I got your contact from the Burkina Faso chambers of commerce have some fund to claim in my bank Which will be of benefit to both of us.
I want you to be an inheritor of the fund, the fund is in a Doormat account and with your bank information and my Documentation certifies you as the inheritor/beneficiary Since I am an insider and working in the same bank, the Transfer will be processed legally and successfully and I will Be coming down to your country for disbursement.
The amount of money involved is ($4.5m) which I want you to Claim for further transfer out of the country to your bank Account, all to our financial benefit. This is very great opportunity as it will take a maximum of 7 banking Working days to be concluded.
I as an insider will do my duties perfectly well concerning this transaction for security reasons. This is confidential for successful conclusion and hitch-free transaction. Contact me immediately for further details and mutual Relationship and we will decide together on how to disburse The funds and percentage as well, my private email Address :( )
Yours truly.
Mr.Abdul Rahim Wardak
Islamic Development Bank
Burkina (IDB-BF)