Sunday, January 2, 2011

US Lottery Commission

US Lottery Commission
P.O. Box 16630, Austin, TX 78761-6630
Tel/fax: +1-651-691-6841
Ref: 4758961725
Batch: ALLINC 70564943902/188
Winning Number: US-LC GB2701/LPRC.
Dear Winner,
Be informed that your email emerges in the electronic draw made on January, 2011. You have won yourself the sum of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$1,500,000.00), from the US Lottery Commission, USA.
To claim your prize, you are advised to contact our claims officer immediately, Richard Johnson on email: OR by fax number above and file for your claims quoting these references: REF: 4758961725; BATCH: ALLINC 70564943902/188; winning number: US-LC GB2701/LPRC. Full winning details will be made known to you upon your confirmation of this mail and filing of your claims.
Mrs. Stella Uttah,