Truth is stranger than fiction... I did not make this up...

 Products from supermarkets across the Globe!!!
˜Be gone', I say!.
Not to be confused with ˜Hetero' sausage.
Insect repellent? Are you sure that's what it's for?
If offered one, not what I'd be expecting.
No Comments...
Soooo refreshing!
So that's where SARS came from! Thank! s a lot Golden Circle " jerks!
Only one thing better than regular Shito " new, improved Shito.
Hot Shit-o!
In case there was some doubt?
I hope they come with instructions?
So much better than old,
 stale ˜cok'!
Well of course, ˜Asse' just had to be chocolate..
I really shouldn't find this funny....
! - if only THIS came in a beer can!!
Hard to refuse!
And they said it couldn't be bottled.

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