20 years back and today

20 years back - School bag.
Today - Office bag.

20 years back - A notebook
Today - HP Note book

20 years back - Hero Ranger
Today = Hero Honda

20 years back - Half Pants
Today - Full Pants

20 years back - Playing with plastic cars running on battery
Today - Playing with metal car running on petrol

20 years back - Scared of teachers and exams!
Today - Scared of Bosses and targets

20 years back - Wanting to be the class topper
Today - Wanting to be the employee of the month

20 years back - Quarterly Exams
Today - Quarterly results

20 years back - Annual Exams
Today - Annual appraisals

20 years back - Pocket Money
Today - Salary

20 years back - Eagerly Waiting for Diwali crackers
Today - Eagerly waiting for Diwali Bonus

20 years back - Craving for the latest toy in the market
Today - Craving for the latest gadget in the market

So did you realize nothing has changed.

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