Friday, February 19, 2010

{SamsoNgroup} Insect Macro photography...

Insect photography is challenging under the best circumstances. Think about it: you're taking photos of something that is likely smaller than your little finger (and at largest is still probably smaller than your hand), has no reason to cooperate, and likely views you as a predator or is oblivious to your presence entirely. And even if you're taking photos of dead insects, it still takes a lot of skill (and a good macro lens) to get the right focus and lighting.

by FockLove

by PauliusC

Insect Series 3
by Grugster

Insect 08
by Josgoh

by Phaedrus-42

Insect vs Spider
by Afri

by TheRedGirl

The Insect
by VerzaubertRocken

Leaf Insect Shot 2
by Jakwak

Unidentified Insect
by Gerald Yuvallos

by Drvall

Insect On Wood
by Rockinxrebecca

Green Insect
by Abank

by Fuegomujer

Insect 01
by Josgoh

Insects With Attitude
by MJIphotos

by Diganta Talukdar

Spotted Cucumber Beetle
by Wolfpix

Metallic Green Insect
by Srini G

Insect Macro
by Publicenergy

Death To A Dragonfly
by Greekchickie

by Ennor

by CW Ye

Nasty Insect
by Geaannunziata

Green Insect
by Jaszczura

Insect Eye To Eye
by Saddogeyes

Insect 7
by Mewlo

by ZWincik

... this very tiny flying insect was kind enough to "model" for me. It measures around 2-3mm long and about 1-2mm high. Taken with a 100mm Macro + Reversed 50mm.
If any insect had a personality, I would say it is the male leafcutter bee. Not only do they look unusual with green eyes and furry heads and front legs, but they are aggressive little bugs too. He will pick a group of flowers he likes and chase off all other bees. If a female lands in his spot, then he tries to drop down on her ungracefully...
Insect on Paddy crops
Diabrotica undecimpunctata Eastshore State Park, Albany, California To see more of my insect photos, click
I don't know why, but the insect looks to be doing stand up comedy... (holding a microphone) "tap tap tap - is this thing on - two humans walked in to a bar..."
This poor little dragonfly was already dead, but my coworker thought I would want to take a photo of it. So, I did! Kinda morbid, I reckon... Anyway, this sucker was HUGE! I've never seen such a large dragonfly before! His wingspan was a good 4 inches wide! I'm sorry I haven't posted any photos ~ there simply isn't much to photograph here! I need to improvise ~ I MUST use my camera more! I carry it with me all the time, though, in hopes of that "perfect moment".
While I was outside yesterday afternoon taking shots of the Red Arrows I noticed this dragonfly on an old bit of carpet in my back garden, so grabbed a few shots. It was quite obliging allowing me to get very close, although it did fly off a couple of times but came back to the same spot - guess it likes my old carpet!
Finally I got a chance to shoot some dragonflies with my new macro lens.

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