Thursday, January 28, 2010

{SamsoNgroup} Bus day!!

Hi All, 
BMTC has planned their first ever Bus Day on Thursday, Feb 4, 2010 with a particular focus on 2 corridors – Hosur Road and Old Airport road. The idea is to take the Bus on that day (if you aren't already taking the company  bus or any other bus) and see the difference it will make to traffic congestion and air quality. Vehicle speeds and emissions will be monitored on the corridors to quantify the difference in order to further encourage people to travel by public transport.  The campaign is meant to create awareness interactively (as paper free as possible) through an electronic survey and by just taking the Bus! 
The Bus Day team at BMTC has designed a short survey and the first way we can help is to fill in the survey online. 

"~ Love conquers all, but if love doesn't do it, try hard work ~."

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