Tortured Wipro techie takes bosses to court

By    siliconindia news bureau
Friday,11 December 2009, 07:05 hrs

Bangalore: Accusing his bosses in Wipro of forcing him to resign from his job, an ex-Wipro employee filed a court case seeking an order for the police to investigate the matter. It was earlier reported that Ram Mohan had complained to the police about the harassment, but he said that no action was taken by them. 

G Ram Mohan, who is from Hyderabad, has filed the private complaint in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Bangalore Rural, against nine Wipro officials, reports Mid Day. In the complaint, Mohan told the court that he was an employee of Wipro Technologies, Electronics City, from December 3, 2007, till his services were terminated on March 10 this year. 

Mohan alleged that his bosses made him run personal errands and humiliated him. "When I opposed this, they continued to threaten me and sought my resignation, even trying to get me (to) sign a blank paper," the techie said in the complaint. Mohan added that the accused also kept him locked in a room for several hours.

Ram Mohan said, "Upon my refusing to sign on the blank paper, the accused threatened to inform NASSCOM (National Association of Software Companies) and ensure that I would not get a job elsewhere." The complaint mentions that the offences committed caused him a lot of mental tension and also resulted in his pregnant wife suffering a miscarriage on January 10.

The IT professional claims that before he joined Wipro he had nine years of experience in software testing, a specialized field in the industry. The complainant said he joined Wipro Technologies because he was promised equal opportunities so that he could achieve growth in the industry and the development of his career.

Instead of all this, Mohan was disappointed with what he encountered at the workplace. The nine accused are Keshav Kumar, Sreeranganathan, Ankur Chadha, Anuradha Raju, Ganesh Halapethi, Supriya Mahajan, Vikram Mirani, Sulekha Jagadish and Shalini Macaden.

Mohan's complaint also talks of approaching the police. It says he registered complaints of criminal intimidation, wrongful restraint and wrongful confinement at the Electronics City police station on August 17, but this did not result in any police action. The complainant had also submitted a representation to the jurisdictional Assistant Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police on August 26 and September 7, respectively, as the Electronics City police were not taking up the matter. 

Mohan said it was after all his attempts to get the police to act had failed that he approached the court for justice. A spokesperson of Wipro, when contacted, sought more time to reply to queries about the complaint filed in court against nine of the leading Indian software company's senior employees. 

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