Janet Jackson rocks MTV Michael Jackson Tribute 

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Last night September 13 2009, Michael Jackson was honored in a very special tribute on the MTV VMAs featuring Janet Jackson.

Janet performs MTV Tribute at MTV VMAs

Janet Jackson Makes Michael Proud:

After dancers performed several classic MJ routines while some of his most groundbreaking videos showed on screen, Janet literally broke onto the stage, smashing through glass to command the stage and perform their duet "Scream".

Janet breaking glass at MTV MJ Tribute

Janet breaking glass at MTV MJ Tribute by J0 anna.

Janet sang live with the recording of her brother and commanded the stage with powerful energy and emotion in an outfit inspired by rhinestones and even a Janet-ized MJ glove.

A particularly stunning moment took place when Janet performed the dance duet sequence from the "Scream" video alongside a massive projection of Michael, in sync, with impeccable timing.

we love you @janetjackson  #teamjanetjackson

The full tribute video performance has been pulled by MTV from YouTube, but you can still see Janet's amazing contribution here:

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