Hi all, 

    One of my friends relocating and is planning to sell few of his stuff...

    His name, contact number and email  : Sritkant S; 9886765450; srikhandsome@gmail.com

Following are the details.
 i) 1)  Sony TV 21 inches   2 1/2 years old
    2)  Sony DVD player      2 1/2 years old
    3)  TV Stand                 2 1/2 years old                              1+2+3 = 9000/-
ii) Ab King Pro ( new one ) covers are not taken out :-)              1500/-
iii) Computer Table                                                                  750 / -
Total : i + ii + iii = 11,250        Incase planning to buy all three ( 11,000)
Please try N help our friend (s) :-)   

Yes you can check th stuff before buying. I have not checked any of the on sale products.

Last date Wednesday 23rd September 2009 afternoon

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