1. Atlantis: Paradise Lost? It is said that much before Summerian civilization, a great civilization existed in the Atlantic Ocean. It was a paradise, where civilization was at its zenith. But then a volcano erupted and the entire grand civilization  was washed away. The story of Atlantis civilization was first told by Greek philosopher Plato. But how far can we believe Plato? This is a question which many ask. After all where did Atlantis disappear? Why do we have no historical proof? Or was the story of Plato a fable? True or fiction? Myth or reality? These are the questions which have inspired many to carry out research. Yet the truth is unknown, untold. 


2. Haunted People 'Ghosts' is the subject which baffles everyone, everywhere. Even after the advancement of science, the reality about ghosts remains a mystery till this day. But human beings have always been inquisitive. Harry Price spent 40 years in unraveling the mystery about ghosts in vain. Spirits' photographers tried their best to substantiate the facts. But again progresses with little success.  In fact, all efforts have been without success. Often people who claim to have seen a ghost are labeled as fraud or suffering psychologically. Science has totally disbelieved in the existence of ghosts. Yet, the phenomenon exists and is as true as our reflection in the mirror. 


3. Eldorado – A golden myth Human beings have always been fond of possessing gold. This lure led to many weird and strange adventures. And the strangest of all the expeditions had been the search of Golden Land – Eldorado. For centuries the legend of Eldorado, the fabulous land of gold led many to undertake the courageous feat. Some lost their fortune, some their reputation and some their life. Still the men remained undaunted. Year after year, decades after decades, men went out in search of the Golden Land. After all, what were they seeking? Gold? A Golden City? A Golden Man? Or was everything juast a myth, a story which destroyed many adventurers? 


4. Olmecs: The founders of the American civilization? One of the most astonishing unsolved mysteries of the world is the knowledge about Olmecs. The world doesn't know who Olmecs were? And where did they suddenly disappear? Archeologists believe that Olmecs were the precursors of the Mayas. They were the great sculptors, who created remarkable sculptures. Even the intensive research of the archeologists has revealed little about them. 


5. Who was queen of Sheba? For 30 years the Queen of Sheba has baffled people. According to the Bible, Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon with rare gifts. But the question is how far can one believe the Bible? Did she really exist? And if she really existed then where was the land Sheba? Was she a queen, a noble woman, a witch or simply a seductress? Did she marry Solomon? Was Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia, the direct descendant of a union between the Queen and King Solomon?


Innumerable questions surround the personality of the Queen of Sheba. And the field is open to controversy and research till now. 

6. Project U.F.O Throughout the ages, man has always been eager to explain the happenings in the sky. Unidentified Flying Objects (U.F.O.) pose a great mystery to the present scientists. Some American scientists have categorically negated the phenomenon. But some do agree. They explain U.F.O. as objects from other distant galaxy. Yet no unanimous decision has been reached. The mystery of U.F.O. continues to be elusive and intriguing. 


7. The mysterious Iron Pillar The Iron Pillar situated in Meharauli (New Delhi) does not rust, although scientific studies reveal that the metal from which the column is made is full of impurities. How is it so? This is the question which baffles us. And we are still groping in the dark about the truth. 


8. The secret of Tutankhamen's Mummy American archeologists succeeded in locating the Tutankhamen's mummy. They also unearthed the large amount of wealth buried inside it. But they could not solve two mysteries. Inside the mummy, archeologists discovered 150 amulets. They could not fathom its meaning. Secondly, Tutankhamen's mummy had started decaying. Why? They could not answer. The historians and archeologists are still experimenting and speculating the significance of 150 amulets and the reason for decay of Tutankhamen's mummy. 

Tutankhamen's Mummy.jpg

9. The jungles of Angkor Angkor Thom, the remarkable capital of the Khmer empire, was the perfect combination of religious faith and economic necessity. The dense jungle of Angkor hid the secret of the civilization, where the rice farmers, with the help of their God-kings controlled the hostile surroundings. The kings built magnificent buildings temples and tanks. Yet, it saw its doomsday. It declined, degenerated and the people completely vanished into thin air. Even after so many years, historians have failed to know the place where they disappeared.  The mystery still hangs in the air. 


10. PSI – The science of seeing the unseen It is the science of knowing something or about somebody without having been told or met or seen. It is a science of extrasensory powers. Animals are supposed to have been endowed with it. But some human beings also have it. And modern science's attempts to prove the existence of extrasensory powers have inevitably given birth to extensive research resulting in a few facts, but in the process giving rise to much more controversy around it. 

11. The secret of Mayas Archaeology in America is in infancy. Still we have discovered a civilization par excellence. This civilization was called the Mayas. They were far ahead of the Egyptians and Greeks. They had the knowledge of Zero and build impressive architecture. And all this was gazed to the ground before Columbus discovered America. The world is still waiting for documents to prove that how did these people built up such a magnificent civilization at a place, where even to this day, life is an unending struggle for survival? How was it that a flourishing civilization was created by the people of Stone Age? And who were these people whose classical age collapsed before even Columbus could discover America? 

12. The mysterious Inca Treasure Conquistadors destroyed the great Inca Empire. They destroyed it so completely that historical documents lack evidences. These Spanish Conquistadors indulged in loot, plunder, pillaging and burning. They enslaved the last Inca ruler and killed him. But before his death he escaped to jungles with his wealth. What happened to the great mass of wealth is still to be identified. In fact, the identification of two primary cities – Vitcos and Vilcambamba is itself not known. The Spanish colonial maps do not mention it. But historians believe otherwise. 

13. Is the earth shrinking? Till a few decades earlier nobody believed in the Continental Drift Theory. Now geophysicists accept the fact. They believe that many-many centuries ago the entire world was one place. It was united. But several geographical factors separated the continents. And they cannot answer that for how many more centuries the world will remain in this present condition. Will the earth keep on shifting slowly, or, suddenly something drastic will happen, they do not know. The scientists and scholars only speculate. 

14. The unknown message of Nazca drawings Some specialists believe that the world's largest astronomical calendar was drawn by the Nazcas on the dry plains of Southern Peru. While others believe that the lines drawn on the expansive wastes are huge birds, animals and geometrical figures. What exactly do these lines signify – nobody knows. Yet they are laid across the desert by the Nazca Indians 1500 years ago – even long before man could fly, although now-a-days it is crossed by the Pan American Highway. 

15. Is there a second life? Science has failed to reason out its existence. Neither has it been able to disprove all stories floating about this syndrome. Reincarnation til this day remains a mystery, beyond the comprehension of believers and non-believers. It is believed that child prodigies e.g. Mozart who composed simple music at the age of four and the 17th century mathematician Blaise Pascal , who had outlined a new geometric system by the time he had reached 11 years of age may have been reincarnations of talented people of earlier time. Annie Besant, 19th century feminist and leader in London's Theosophical Society, was convinced that she would be reincarnated. In the 20thcentury, the case of Shanti Devi is too well known. Despite all the vividness of the cases, science has not been able to accept it. It demands scientific explanations. 

15. Bermuda Triangle – Is it a reality? Is there any point in the Atlantic ocean which is suicidal? Or is Bermuda Triangle mere writer's imagination? Many books have been even done a long arduous research on the Bermuda Triangle. Yet, till now, no satisfactorily evidence has come forth. The Triangle still baffles everybody and people avoid taking that route. Perhaps, the mystery of Bermuda Triangle can be summed up in the following sentence – 'at times truth is stranger than fiction'. 

16. The stones which speak of past artistry The huge upright stones standing erect with an air of mystery make an unforgettable impression. There ser called Stonehenge. They have attracted men from all fields to study them. Scientists, astronomers, archaeologists, spiritualists – all studied them but failed to come to a conclusion. The questions remain unanswered. Was it a temple? Was it an observatory? Was it a magic shrine? Was it a computer built much before we came to know about the computer? There are questions and questions. Perhaps one day we will be able to discover the true and actual meaning of these splendid stones. 

17. The navel of the world Easter Island is called the 'Navel of the World'. Its inhabitants are cut off from the rest of the world. It is the loneliest spot on earth. Yet, the inhabitants produced one of the most magnificent statues. They managed to create a prosperous society; they built and transported giant statues weighing up to 90 tones. The mystery prevails about their motive behind constructing such sculptures and how did they manage to do it? 

18. The splendor of pyramids The skyline of the Nile Valley seems to be dominated by the mountains. But these are no natural mountains. They are man made mountains, known as Pyramids. What exactly was the purpose behind the construction of these pyramids is unknown. Perhaps, they were intended by the god-kings of Egypt as the everlasting sanctuaries for their dead bodies, since they believed in the theory of life after death. 

The question arises how did the ancient Egyptian raise such tall structures? Who built them? Why did they build them? Is it true that the kings had some secret motive which passed away with them? There are questions and questions as the enigma of pyramids astonishes a traveler.

"Omnia vincit Amor"

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