Thursday, August 27, 2009

Linea Crash - All Safe

I'm not doing a car Ad here.. but i want you to put your car in this place... and think :-)

Linea Crash Pics. testimonial for being Built Like a TANK

a father, Mother and son Travelling on NH48 in a newly delivered Fiat Linea came face to face with a granite filled TATA Tipper. the tipper crashed into the Linea and Toppled Over it.

Father, Mother and Son Both Got out of the Car Unscatched, but shaken and clicked these pics! now that is a good Advertisement for being 'Built Like a Tank' the father came back to the dealership and Booked another Linea and swears that it was only because of the Tank Like Build Quality he, His wife and his son survived. Linea was a Total Loss and disposed as scrap for below three quarters of a lakh!

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