Your's Cheating Partner
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It is true that you are a miserable person once you suspect that your partner is cheating on you. It is important to bear in mind that you don't tell your partner of your suspicions until you gather a concrete proof. You don't tell about your plans or otherwise he/she will be more careful so it will be impossible to catch him/her.

You never confront him/her until you are absolutely sure. You just don't assume that he/she is being unfaithful but take some actions which might give you some clue.
  • Note down the most frequently used phone number : You may look for the details of the phone number you don't recognize and note the details of the call made/ received. Take for instance, a phone number which is on regular use (particularly the call which was made while he/she was commuting or when you were not around). Note down this number. It might be come handy.
  • Make a call from a pay phone: You could call the number which looks suspicious from a pay phone so that you are not identified. Call out this number and don't say anything, try to recognize the person's voice who answers. Mostly it is found that he/she is seeing someone known to both of you.
  • Search the pockets : If you are able to get hold of his/her credit card, wallet or manage to search his pockets to trace purchase of any gift which has not been bought for you (check the specifications like the date and the kind of purchase and tally with list of gifts you have received).
  • You might find some bills : You might be able to find some clue from any restaurant, hotel's bills. Keep this in your custody which might be useful in using as a solid proof.
  • The odometer reading : Check his/her vehicles Odometer to take readings before and after his trip to verify the distance he/she has covered, this will help you co-relate with your estimated calculations, and you might be able to work out where he could have been.
  • Clue from the deleted mail folder : You might be able to pick some clue from his/her deleted mail folder. You might be lucky to find some of the deleted e-mails which he/she has deleted recently.
  • Be alert : Always listen carefully to what he/she speaks avoiding asking any questions or he/she might not talk about the same thing again.
  • See if you find any perfumes : Check his/her pockets or belongings to see if you find any perfumes etc which does not belong to you.
  • Suddenly buying new clothes : If suddenly you find he/she is buying new clothes, it could be a helpful sign that he/she is seeing someone.
  • Monitor recently visited websites : You can monitor recently visited websites which could be the websites of vacation resorts for a travel which you are not aware of.
If you happen to prove that he/she is cheating on you, make sure you are prepared emotionally to bear the truth. Sit cool and think you can and should save your relation or not. Bear in mind you might end up in handling with a difficult situation. Its better to bend a little than break a relationship....