As a result of Notebook computer's limited internal space, it's cooling system is very different from desktop computers. The quality of cooling is crucial to the stability of it, and since summer is here, this problem can not be ignored. CPU, graphic cards, hard drives, memory, and screen are the heart producing parts in the computers. CPU is the biggest source of heat, which had a direct impact on the temperature of computer. My friends used to joke that she can use her computer's CPU to fry eggs.

So, there are some good tips for keeping your laptop cool.

1. Keep the environment as cool as possible. Using a Notebook computer in the hot summer, you'd better use your air-conditioning. If there is no air-conditioning, at least use fans. Otherwise, even if the computer withstand, I am afraid you will not.

2. Put something under the computer to allow airflow between the laptop and the desk. It may sound like a small trick, but a very important one. You can put part of a book under it, or you can buy the computer cooling pads which works extremely well considering how cheap they are.

3. When using the in the bed or sofa, try not to block the air outlet of the Notebook computer. There are so many cases that the computer died simply because there is no way to get the hot air out. In summer time, you don't want to live in a house with all windows closed, neither does your computer.

Summer is always challenging for all the electronics. Use your common sense, and your computer will be as cool as you.