Technical stuff -FYI

It's surprising but true !

Michael Jackson – the pop star had a Patent on his name.

His patent is for "creating antigravity illusion" during his dance.

This technique was used in his famous video song" Smooth Criminal"

Title of Patent is - Method and means for creating anti-gravity illusion

Inventors- Michael J. Jackson , Michael L. Bush, Dennis Tompkins

Issue date: Oct 26, 1993

Patent number: 5255452

The patented idea describes specially designed shoes with a slot in heels.

The slot engages with protrusions on stage floor to hold the artist in leaning position.

Thus it creates illusion that artist is not falling down due to gravity even after leaning.

Here is a shot from his video- Smooth Criminal- where patent invention is used.

File:Smooth criminal patent.png

Michael Jackson holds a US patent for his reclining move in "Smooth Criminal" song.