Thursday, June 18, 2009

Orang-utans Cute....

Welcome to the world's only orang-utan hospital...

Situated in the heart of the Malaysian jungle, the Infant Care Unit at Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort - dubbed Orang-Utan Island - is a very special hospital.
All of its patients are from the endangered Borneo species of orang-utans, the Pongo Pygmaeus. Without the facility, built in 2004, the species would probably be extinct.

Three-month-old June-Junior is hooked up to monitors and IV drips

This mischievous pair like nothing more than trying to pull off their heart monitor cables.

Dressed in a nappy, 10-month-old April chews her cot
When they are a year old they will be moved to the infant development unit, where the animals are taught how to survive in the wild
A dedicated team of seven nurses care for the creatures, headed by one of Malaysia 's most experienced vets.

The orang-utans get all the comforts of a hospital, including nappy changes, left, and even cuddles, right