Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weirdest Accidents

We can only guess how some of them happened(the truth is often stranger than fiction)The following photographs document mostly the bizarre aftermath of car & truck accidents, when it's not as easy to guess what caused them. Sometimes even police can't figure out the truth.

Accidents waiting to happen:

Some trucks can handle overload, others - can't

The road seems to be too small: can accident photography be stylish?

London buses are too big for their own goodThis incident happened just recently; The route is a recognized diversion route and drivers know to drive straight through the middle. This one however chose to go in the left lane"

There is a deep sewer hole right under this nice car:

A bad day for the big shiny car on the right. For the car on the left, it's probably business as usual -
Convinient Acrobatic Parking Space

Digging out your car after a snowstorm in Yakutsk, Russia:Battling the elements: flash floods, sink holes, trees felled by a strong wind:

A dubious honor of being squashed by the world's biggest motorbike:

Gallup, New Mexico. An unidentified member of the tow truck company called to remove a truck from the overpass sits dangerously under the truck as he attempts to get a strap under it.

This one already is a classic, still the story did not surface about it:
Not only police do get into the tangle.
All that remains... and that's not much:

Accident @ Mumbai, India

What IS that thing, which totaled a nice bimmer?(could be a promo for a movie, too) "The World is Not Enough" James Bond movie actually.
A steel wrecking ball came off its cable and rolled down a hill into the middle of a small town in Pennsylvania.

Every one of them may be turned into a hair-raising story:

How do you end up being run over by a plane?
This was 2005 crash at Midway Airport in Chicago, where the airport is literally in the middle of a city, with no room (compared to O'Hare which has fields between the street and runways). In this case, the pilot decided to land during a snowstorm, hit a ton of snow on the runway and didn't have any time to stop before it was in the street.